Free For All Guerilla Open Mic Line-up – 2.22.14

Hey Everybody! We’re doing yet another Guerilla Open Mic on the street tomorrow at the corner opposite the P.O.P.E. (1501 E. Passyunk Avenue).

Here’s the line-up (not in order):

Kate Banford
Mike Logan
Jake Mattera
Nicole Yates
T.J. Hurley
Bobby Lorello
Vickie Fernandez
David Piccolomini
Henny Homeless-man
Sally Burtnick
Alejandro Morales
Rick Helpa
Michael Poole
Gregg Gethard

Don’t see your name? Forgot to sign-up? Just finding out about this now? Don’t fret! It’s supposed to be nice tomorrow, so we don’t mind staying extra long. Just show up, and we won’t deny you the right to street perform with us!

Sets are 3 minutes, and we’ll start at 4pm.

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