A Few Questions with: Carl Boccuti

Have ya heard? Free For All presents: The Magnificent Seven comes to Boot & Saddle on Wednesday, February 26th, and the line-up includes everyone’s jawniest jawn, CARL BOCCUTI! We asked Carl some stuff:

Free For All: You typically only perform stand-up once per year – what’s so great about our show that you’re blowing your wad this early in 2014?

Carl Boccuti: Look, I know I don’t come off as very committed to the “comedy grind,” but do you even know how many sets I’ve done in the privacy of my own basement? Like thousands. And the crowd is brutal. You should’ve been there last week, when one of them actually stormed the stage yelling “Enough with the ‘jawn’ jokes! Get some new fucking material!” and then kicked me 300-style into my sump pit. Luckily my wife came home and permanently banned that guy from the club. But anyway, once or twice a year is about all I can handle and more than I deserve. Open mic-ers, please take note.

FFA: Pick one: A PSN Softball Championship for your team The Specific Jawns, A Quizzo Bowl first place finish for your team The Specific Jawns” or a perfect sketch show from your sketch group The Specific Jawns. Why?

CB: How many trophies does a grown man need to fill all the holes in his soul? One for every season of the year, including winter, when UPenn puts a heated tent over their turf field? Oh. Softball, then. And you just got yourself banned from my basement club.

FFA: Would you describe yourself as a “dreamboat” or a “total dreamboat”? Why?

CB: Hold on, let me check my freshman yearbook photo:

Total dreamboat.

FFA: Who is the handsomest comedian on this bill (do you realize it’s you?)

CB: This is Philadelphia. “Handsome” applies to anyone who knows not to wear sweatpants to a christening. (No homo, Uncle Gary.)

See Carl, Tim Butterly Chip Chantry, Darryl Charles, Tim Butterly, Carl Boccuti, John McKeever and your Free For All Hosts on Wednesday, February 26th at Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia). Click here for more info and tix! You can also follow Carl on Twitter @bocooter.


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