A Few Questions with: Tim Butterly

Have ya heard? Free For All presents: The Magnificent Seven comes to Boot & Saddle on Wednesday, February 26th, and the line-up includes everyone’s favorite no-soft-birds advocate, TIM BUTTERLY! We asked Tim some stuff:

Free For All: What’s the best show you’ve seen at Boot & Saddle and how do you plan to top it on this show?

Tim Butterly: I saw Those Darlins there a couple months ago and they were the best but one of the openers was this band Hound and they ripped so fucking hard I don’t even know how I could top them without maybe going bird-out. For real though I think a good stand-up show in a venue like B&S could really fuck some people up pretty good.

FFA: You haven’t been super kind to the Market-Frankford Line in your jokes. Do you plan to take public transportation to get to the show?

TB: Yes and it’s going to be the worst. Thanks for reminding me. I almost wish SEPTA was a little bit worse or at least bad enough to just keep me away. Like so bad it would force me to find a better job so I could afford to drive and park everywhere. Wait am I in a vicious cycle? Am I living some shitty life just because SEPTA makes it convenient and affordable for me to do so? Sounds like something I’d do, I guess.

FFA: One of us may be trying to add muscle while also cutting weight. Is it possible to do both at the same time or is that some kind of shitty pipe dream?

TB: Oh man why are you trying to cut weight? Or do you mean you want to be less flabby? I hope it’s the latter. Weight is just a number. You should do heavy squats three times a week and avoid isolating one muscle group cause that shit is for dorks. Do deadlifts, cleans, that kind of stuff and leave the curls for dudes with little birds. I don’t know though, all of my workout goals revolve around being able to pick other grown men up over my head and break them in half Mortal Kombat 3 style. Fuck let’s go lift some weights right now.

FFA: Who won the Super Bowl?

TB: Gonna go with “anyone who likes watching Eagles fans rooting for whichever team has a white quarterback getting bummed out super hard.”

FFA: Who is the handsomest comedian on this bill?

TB: Chip Chantry looks like a Pixar character escaped into the real world and then let himself go.

See Tim, Chip Chantry, Darryl Charles, Tim Butterly, Carl Boccuti, John McKeever and your Free For All Hosts on Wednesday, February 26th at Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia). Click here for more info and tix! You can also follow Tim on Twitter @timbutterly.


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