A Few Questions with: John McKeever

Have ya heard? Free For All presents: The Magnificent Seven comes to Boot & Saddle on Wednesday, February 26th, and the line-up includes stand-up and video sketch comedy titan JOHN MCKEEVER! We asked John some stuff:

Free For All: What has been your favorite comedy experience?

John McKeever: I got to see Chip lose Philly’s Phunniest twice.

FFA: Your sketch Samesies was an internet hit last year–we remember when it was a stand-up bit. What about that premise made you want to move it from one format to the other?

JM: I always liked the premise. I never really thought it worked on stage, at least not as well as I wanted, so I just thought I would script it out. You can see what great acting can do with a premise like Samesies. Christian, Chris, Darryl and Aaron made that sketch so much funnier than it read on paper. We actually shot a version of Samesies two years ago that we had to scrap because of audio issues. Blake Wexler was in the original so people also thought it was a little too gay.

FFA: Who is your comedy crush?

JM: Blake Wexler.

FFA: Who is the handsomest comedian on this bill?

JM: Me. Here’s the headshot I’d like you to use moving forward. I think you’ll see a “bump” in ticket sales if you know what I mean. (WINK EMOJI)


See John, Chip Chantry, Darryl Charles, Tim Butterly, Carl Boccuti and your Free For All Hosts on Wednesday, February 26th at Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia). Click here for more info and tix! You can also follow John on Twitter @JohnnyMcKeever.

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