A Few Questions with: Darryl Charles

Have ya heard? Free For All presents: The Magnificent Seven comes to Boot & Saddle on Wednesday, February 26th, and the line-up includes Helium Comedy Club regular and ComedySportz favorite DARRYL CHARLES! We asked Darryl some stuff:

Free For All: What’s your favorite piece of comedy advice you’ve ever received? How do you apply that to your own comedy?

Darryl Charles: I’ve received tons of advice since everyone in Philly is so knowledgeable, giving and sarcastic, but the best advice was probably from Chip Chantry. He told me after one of my first hosting sets at Helium that I need to let the audience get to know me before I get into my material. It helped me a lot because my style of comedy usually confronts peoples’ beliefs and if you just walk up to a crowd and tell them about the funny part of children murders they may not trust you or laugh at anything else you have to say. It also made me start to read a crowd and get a feel for them as my set goes on, which is a valuable skill for doing the stand ’em ups.

FFA: What’s the most “Philly” Philly comedy experience you’ve ever had?

DC: Doing comedy at Lickety Split on a Sunday night after the Eagles lose a Sunday Night Football game is like telling jokes at a funeral. That’s probably tied with a show I did in Delco where a woman yelled “Take off your pants!” in the middle of a joke that had nothing to do with my pants.

FFA: Are you sick of being asked about Pinnacle Vodka all the time or do you feel proud that you’ve developed a reputation as the Pinnacle Vodka dude?

DC: It’d be less tiring if I were an “official” spokesman. It’s not that bad tho, and it is kinda funny when they debut a new flavor and people blow my Facebook page up.

FFA: Who is the handsomest comedian on this bill?

DC: Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I’m just hoping there’s a lady in the crowd who defines beauty as an 8-person orgy. Barring that, Alison is obviously the most handsome.

See Darryl, Chip Chantry, Tim Butterly, Carl Boccuti, John McKeever and your Free For All Hosts on Wednesday, February 26th at Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia). Click here for more info and tix! You can also follow Darryl on Twitter @darryldarryl_


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