A Few Questions with: Chip Chantry

Have ya heard? Free For All presents: The Magnificent Seven comes to Boot & Saddle on Wednesday, February 26th, and the line-up includes the one-and-only CHIP CHANTRY! We asked Chip some stuff:

Free For All: What are you going to miss most about performing in the annual Philly’s Phunniest Contest now that you’re a champ?

Chip Chantry: Going to Wawa alone after I lose.

But honestly, it’s always fun to have everyone around, performing. It’s a shame it’s set up so 149 people end up losing. It would be great if the local comics could just get together and showcase our talents, and have fun, in a non-competitive format. But what is this, Denmark? THIS IS AMERICA, AND WE ARE WINNERS.

FFA: What television show from history would you most want to be a writer for? What about the show matches your comedic sensibility and writing style that you think would make you a good fit?

CC: Arrested Development is, by far, my favorite, and, in my opinion,the  best written TV show of all time. I would have loved to have been in the writers room, just to see how that came together.

I love absurdity too. That’s why I love shows that create their own reality- they make up their own world so they don’t have to live by regular rules. I always go back to shows like Strangers with Candy, and The Adventures of Pete and Pete. As different as those two shows are, they each lived in their own absurd worlds, and had the freedom to really go out on a limb. Obviously Family Guy and the Simpsons have that freedom too. Having said all that, I’d love to write for a topical show–Weekend Update, Daily Show, late night monologues, etc. I love topical humor, and I have just the right attention span to write 100 15-second jokes, rather than a 22-minute story.

FFA: We hear you’re moving to our neighborhood. Wanna hang out? Or are you busy? You know what, never mind, sorry for bothering you.

CC: I am moving to your parts. I think we should get skateboards and hang out on South Street, doing ollies and stuff.

FFA: Who is the handsomest comedian on this bill?

CC: That’s really hard to say. But if this was the mid-to-late-1800s, Butterly, hands down.

See Chip, Darryl Charles, Tim Butterly, Carl Boccuti, John McKeever and your Free For All Hosts on Wednesday, February 26th at Boot & Saddle (1131 S. Broad Street, Philadelphia). Click here for more info and tix! You can also follow Chip on Twitter @ChipChantry.


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