A Few Questions with: Jim Grammond

If you follow Free For All on Twitter, you’re already familiar with Jim Grammond. He’s the best and we love him. Like, a lot. Read on to learn more about Jim before seeing him this Wednesday at Free For All.


Whoa what a cool shirt nice job Secret Pants (secretpants.net)


Free For All: How does it feel to be the most retweeted comedian on our Twitter account?

Jim Grammond: Lonely.

FFA: You’re into food (a “food dude”). Please review the Rembrandt’s menu and give us your top picks for appetizers, entrees and desserts.

JG: Well, since during the week I watch my calorie intake in a pointless effort to battle fat, I haven’t actually eaten at a Free For All event. But the day when I finally break down and eat my emotions after a bad set, I’ll probably have the French onion soup, an egg and chorizo flatbread, and an hour of asking myself “Why do I bother with this comedy shit?”

FFA: What’s your favorite food to eat after a good set? How about after a bad set?

JG: After a good set, I’m content with air. After a bad set, some giant bread-y monstrosity dripping melted cheese followed by candy-chunk studded ice cream and some Scotch.

FFA: What’s the most tasteless joke you’ve ever made?

JG: I am sure it was truly tasteless, you know, like the joke books. And probably truly racist. Also I used to have a bit about feeding dead Iraqis to American poor people.

FFA: What’s the most tasty joke you’ve ever made?

JG: One time I made some oatmeal cookies that accidentally came out super thin and pliable and I made dessert taco shells out of them. They were amazing. I have gone insane trying to replicate the mistake with no luck, like a 15th century alchemist who swears he made gold one time.

See Jim on Free For All this Wednesday, September 18th at 8pm at Rembrandt’s Restaurant & Bar. For FREE!


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