Our Fringe Festival Pick: Doogie Horner’s Ministry of Secret Jokes

This Saturday, friend of Free For All and Philly favorite Doogie Horner revives his Ministry of Secret Jokes for one night only at the Fringe Festival Late-Night Cabaret:

“The Ministry of Secret Jokes returns to the Fringe for a night of comedy, occult games, and secret handshakes. Hosted by Doogie Horner and featuring Juliet Hope Wayne, Rob Baniewicz, Christian Alsis, Elise Thomson-Hohl, Aaron Nevins, Luke Cunningham, Jono Zalay, and more!

• Madison Merion visits from the Main Line to let us know about this year’s hottest Fringe shows!
• Magician the Amazin Shavin will shock and astound you
• Reigning Omniana champion Joe Mayo defends his title
• A random audience member will be roasted (with their permission)

Doors at 10, show starts at 10:30. Come for the jokes, stay for the personality reprogramming.”

Get more info here!


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