A Few Questions with: Comedian Chip Chantry

Fresh off being named Philly’s Phunniest person, Comedian Chip Chantry will take the stage at Free For All this Wednesday. But first, he had to answer a few questions from us. Only four, though. We’re not monsters.

Photo: Just a regular old nobody-can-possibly-get-in-trouble-from-this-picture picture of Comedian Chip Chantry.

Free For All: So you won this year’s Philly’s Phunniest. Please provide specific examples of how it has gone to your head.

Comedian Chip Chantry: First, I have not cried myself to sleep in over a week. Second, I shoved a lady at CVS because she was blocking me from my tooth-whitening toothpaste I wanted. Third, I am now using tooth-whitening toothpaste. That’s pretty much it. Plus, I bought a new ferret, and had some new boudoir headshots made up.

FFA: You like music. Is there any band you could compare your comedy to?

CCC: I would compare myself to Peter Gabriel, because Peter Gabriel will probably never have to enter Philly’s Phunniest again either.

FFA: What’s in your Netflix queue right now, and why haven’t you watched it yet?

CCC: I am still really wanting to sit down and watch Ken Burns’s History of the Laff House.

FFA: Tell us everything we need to know about the Fringe show you’re doing with legendary quizzo host Johnny Goodtimes and legendary adult softball league player and comedian Carl Boccuti.

CCC: It’s going to be more fun and lively than a gypsy funeral. It’s called HIGH CHEESE, and it’s a sketch show entirely devoted to baseball. I personally don’t know much about the sport, and I’m not even really sure what HIGH CHEESE means. But Johnny Goodtimes and Carl Boccuti (Two “c”s, one “t”) are devout fans of the game. They just brought me in because I’M THE PHUNNIEST PERSON IN THIS CITY. But for reals, it’s going to be a lot of fun. Live sketches, videos, a quick game show, and a Q&A with FASTBALL PITCHER BOB GUTIERREZ (One “t”, two “r”s) are all a part of this evening. It’s going to be at 8pm at the Adobe Cafe on Passayunk, this Saturday (9/14) and next Friday (9/20). AARON HERTZOG is hosting the first show, and JOHN MCKEEVER is hosting the second show! Please come and watch it.

See Chip on Free For All this Wednesday, September 11th at 8pm at Rembrandt’s Restaurant & Bar. For FREE!

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