A Few Questions With: Tim Butterly

Each week we will sit down (via email) with a comedian on the line-up for the upcoming Free For All and get to know them a little better with a few questions about comedy, and anything else going on in their lives. This week’s guest is Tim Butterly.

Free For All: What went wrong in your life that you decided to be a comedian?

Tim Butterly: That’s the perception, isn’t it? Everyone has some complex they’re working out about how their mom was too overbearing or too distant or too dead or whatever. I like to think my spark came from the good things that happened to me. My dad is the coolest. I spent my entire childhood trying to make him laugh and it usually worked. I also have this aunt and uncle I’ve been super close with all my life and it’s actually pretty jarring being around them as an adult and seeing how similar our senses of humor ended up being. Also also one time I started a new game on their copy of Phantasy Star for Sega Genesis and gave everyone curse words for names. Feels good to get that out.

FFA: You talk a lot about your kids and your family in your act. How do your kids feel about you calling them out on their bullshit onstage?

TB: They literally do not give a shit about a single thing I do that doesn’t involve getting to Wawa early enough on Saturday morning to grab some of their disgusting hash browns. The way I like to talk about them usually elicits a reaction resembling “whoa, they let YOU have kids? Holy smokes that’s crazy. Because of how WHACKY you are.” or something like that. Which is crazy to me because I’m a fairly intelligent gentleman with a grown up job and a stellar haircut. When I’m talking about my kids onstage it’s usually just a way to get to some deep anxiety I feel over how well I’m able to provide for those assholes. I think all the stories end with me getting really defensive and/or shitting my pants.

FFA: If you were going to thank Delco and Kensington residents collectively for being such a source of inspiration for your comedy, what would you say to them?
TB: I’d thank them all for overdosing on stolen prescriptions, thereby making me statistically less likely to do so just by knowing them.
FFA: Finally: If you could only Instagram one thing for the rest of your life, would it be action figures or your weird bodily rashes? And why?
TB: I mean it’s every grown man’s dream to never run out of action figures to Instagram, right? The poison ivy pics might be a bit much I guess. You get fucked up when you get married and start a family. There’s no filter whatsoever on the garbage you’ll share with other people. You completely lose that part of your brain that worries about people getting too weirded out to have sex with you. Plus I think wives are subconsciously turned on by their husbands making themselves wildly unappealing to other women. It’s like the opposite of a vicious cycle. Is there a name for that kind of thing yet? Let’s call it the Butterly Effect. That way every dude who makes his wife laugh by tweeting about shitting his pants in a comic book store can thank me for having a term for it.

I realize I mentioned shitting my pants twice. At least now no once can come after you for false advertising.

Get to know Tim even more by coming to see him perform on Free For All this Wednesday at Rembrandt’s Restaurant & Bar (741 N. 23rd St. Philadelphia) at 8:00pm. You can also follow him on Instagram and Twitter @timbutterly.


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